Child About to get a shotThe City Clinic also provides immunization services to children who reside in Jersey City who are uninsured from and accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian.

Please bring most current immunization records, photo ID and proof of Jersey City address.

All patients are seen by appointment only. Please call (201) 547 5535 to schedule your visit and to see if you qualify.


  • City daycare and school immunization record audits
  • Maintains city children immunization database
  • Participates in community-based, Jersey City sponsored activities

Measles Information

At the turn of the 21st century, Measles was a disease that was considered eradicated in the United States. Two decades later, the US has recorded 700+ new measles cases in 2019 alone. This is a threat to the health of very young children and immuno-compromised adults. Here are some facts and figures about the measles outbreak and how it's affecting communities in New Jersey:

  • If you've been exposed to the Measles virus, you may be contact by your local Health Department. If this has happened to you, please read this explainer about what "Measles exposure" means and what your risk is.
  • To learn more general information about Measles, please read this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - and answers!) sheet from the State Department of Health.
  • For more information about New Jersey's efforts to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, including Measles, please see this resource guide with information for educators and technical professionals.

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