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An adjournment is a request to postpone your court date.
If you have an existing court date and wish to Request for Adjournment, you may email the court at [email protected].

Please include your name, phone number, prefix and ticket number, mailing address, and the reason for the adjournment and your request will be answered as soon as possible. You may also call the court at 201-209-6700

Please note: requests for adjournments are not automatically granted. They will be reviewed by the Court Clerk and the Judge of your assigned courtroom. Please be further advised that your original court date has not been changed until you receive a confirmation email that your request has been granted and that your matter has been adjourned.

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Plea by Mail

Traffic/Parking Summonses
To plead guilty or not guilty in traffic or parking cases you may Plea by Mail by clicking here.

Follow the link above to completely fill out the form for most traffic offenses.  (See information on criminal and ordinance violations below.)

Secondly, mail the form to: Jersey City Municipal Court
Attn.: Plea by mail
365 Summit Ave., Room 208 Jersey City, NJ 07306

You may also email the completed form to [email protected]

This form can not be used for charges related to operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Code/Local Ordinance Summonses/Complaints
If you are charged with an ordinance violation  that you wish to dispute, you may email [email protected] with a “CC” to [email protected]. In the email, please include (1) why you cannot attend court to dispute your summons and (2) why you are disputing the violation. The municipal prosecutor will have the discretion on how your inquiry is answered.

Criminal Summonses/Complaints
Criminal matters may not be disputed by mail. You may still reach out through [email protected] for information on your charges. 

Computer screen graphicOnline Dispute

Check the status of municipal court summonses here.

Some summonses may be able to be paid for or disputed online by clicking here.


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Trial Team

Our dedicated team of lawyers and professional staff that handle litigation of all criminal offenses, traffic infractions and quality of life violations filed by over a dozen state and local enforcement agencies. Our courthouse recently surpassed others as the state’s highest-volume courthouse, and our municipal prosecutors and staff handle each case with integrity.

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Sgt. Dave Calton, JCPD QOL Unit Commander 

(201) 209-6755, ext. 8

Monica Cho, Assistant Prosecutor
(201) 209-6782

Nelson Cotto, Agent 
(201) 209-6755, ext. 3
Jessenia Falconi, Agent
(201) 209-6755, ext. 4
Graham Fleetwood, Assistant Prosecutor
(201) 209-6780

Jacob V. Hudnut, Chief Prosecutor

(201) 209-6755
Steven R. Hummell, First Assistant Prosecutor

(201) 209-6783
Vishnu Khemraj, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
(201) 209-6784

Gabriel Manzo, Office Director
(201) 209-6755, ext. 7

Anita Martinez, Agent
(201) 209-6755, ext. 6

Gloria Oh, Assistant Prosecutor
(201) 209- 6781
Joseph Rapuano, Agent
(201) 209-6755, ext. 5
Estéban Rodríguez, Aide to Chief Prosecutor
(201) 209-6755, ext. 9
Sujey Sanchez, Assistant Prosecutor
(201) 209-6779
Ryan Spain, Assistant Prosecutor
(201) 209-6778