The Human Resources Department serves to support current and potential Jersey City employees to promote a workforce that provides the utmost service to the City of Jersey City and its residents.  The Division of Workforce Management, one of its four Divisions, helps potential employees regarding available employment opportunities, as well as current employees regarding available opportunities for career growth through the City's internal program, Grow Forward.  The Division of Workforce Management also assists in the management of employees through addressing labor and employee relation matters.  As for its other divisions, Health Benefits, Payroll, and Pension, they cater directly to our fellow Jersey City employees:  Health Benefits and Pension advises as to our various enrollment plans to ensure that employees opt-in a plan that best fits them, and Payroll provides clarification and guidance on tax-related questions and concerns.

Our mission

The Human Resources Department strives to foster a competent, engaged, and accountable workforce.

our vision

To build a responsive, professional 21st Century Public Sector Human Resources Department.

our values

S.P.I.R.I.T. - Service, Professionalism, Innovation, Respect, Initiative, Teamwork.


Health benefits
280 Grove Street, Room 107 Jersey City, NJ  07302
Phone: 201-547-6552 | Email:

Payroll - 
Director, Maximo Inciong
394 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Jersey City, NJ  07307
Phone: 201-547-5161 | Email: 

Pension -
 Manager, Christine Kakoleski
394 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Jersey City, NJ  07307
Phone: 201-547-5143 | Email: 

Workforce Management 
280 Grove Street, Room 103 Jersey City, NJ  07302
Phone: 201-547-5217 | Email: 

Department Contact Info

  • phone(201) 547-5217
  • fax(201) 547-5022
  • 280 Grove Street Room 103
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Office Hours: M - F (8:30AM - 5PM)

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