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Mayor Fulop's "Stop The Drop" Anti-Litter Campaign
Mayor Steven M. Fulop has launched an aggressive new anti-litter campaign called “Stop the Drop.” This program, which provides much-needed summer jobs to 100 Jersey City youth, is also a partnership between government and community groups.

The anti-litter crews are out from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Monday through Saturday, cleaning up the neighborhoods.

“Residents have told me over and over again that they want clean streets. Stop the Drop is just the beginning of our citywide beautification initiative,“ said Mayor Fulop.

Below are the locations for our Youth Crew and Adult Crew routes.

Click on the map for the complete listing of Youth Crew Routes 

Stop The Drop Youth Map 

Click the map below for the complete listing of Adult Crew Routes 

Stop the Drop Adult Map 

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