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In Memoriam: Detective Marc A. DiNardo 
Det. Marc A. DiNardoDetective Marc A. DiNardo, 37, was laid to rest on Friday, July 24, 2009, at Holy Cross Cemetery, in North Arlington, following a Mass at St. Aedan’s Church, in Jersey City. A decorated 10 year veteran of the Jersey City police force, Detective DiNardo was shot in the line of duty  during a shoot out with a fugitive gunman wanted in several states and died from his injuries a few days later at the Jersey City Medical Center. In all, five officers were injured during the shoot out, DiNardo the most seriously.

DiNardo was the recipient of seven Excellent Police Service awards, two Commendations and a World Trade Center award. He was assigned to the highly acclaimed Emergency Services Unit two years ago. On June 29, 2009, DiNardo and members of his unit were responsible for the rescue of a distraught Belleville woman who attempted suicide by jumping from the Wittpenn Bridge into the Hackensack River.

“My godson, Detective Marc Anthony DiNardo, as a baby was charismatic and magnetic. As a teen he was indefatigable and electric. As a man he was daring and gregarious.” said Deputy Director Arthur W. Pease. “He brought all these traits with him to the Jersey City Police Department. He had that natural and sociable way about him, which he transferred to his peers and the community. You didn’t have to ask to get his help, he would be there. He had a sense to be where he was needed and he would give his all for the department and community. Of which he did.”

“Aristotle once said that ‘moral excellence comes about as a result of habit.’ We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate Officers Goral and DiNardoacts, and brave by doing brave acts. This exemplifies the life and service of Marc DiNardo,” said Chief Tom Comey. “There aren’t many amongst us who leave each person we encounter with nothing but positive thoughts and praise. But, that was Marc. He was one of them.”

Detective DiNardo is the 38th Jersey City Police Officer to die in the line of duty in the 180 year history of the department. A Jersey City native, DiNardo graduated from School 17, Hudson Catholic High School, and St. Peter’s College. He leaves behind his loving wife, Mary and three children, four year-old Gwendolyn, three year-old Marc Anthony II, and one year-old Ella.  In addition, he is survived by his father, retired JCPD Lieutenant Paul DiNardo, Mary, his mother, as well as his brothers, members of his extended family, and many friends.

“It is a calling, and it takes a special person to run towards the danger when your most basic human instinct is to avoid it. Marc exemplified that special character when he faced the danger to protect others,” said a City spokesperson. “This is such a great loss to us, our community and our city. We call on police officers to do things and settle problems we wouldn’t ask of the people closest to us in our lives. And that’s a special trust we have in police. And that’s why this loss is indeed a great one.”

Fellow Officers Salute Marc DiNardo
In lieu of flowers, the DiNardo family requested that donations be made to a scholarship fund established by the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association: JCPOBA, Marc Anthony DiNardo Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 17395, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307.

In the wake of his death, hundreds turned out for the POBA and New Jersey Blood Services blood drives which were held in both DiNardo’s honor and for the other officers injured in the shoot out. Those wishing to donate blood should contact the New Jersey Blood Services

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A sea of blue watches as Detective DiNardo is carried into St. Aedan's Church.


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