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Bureau of Animal Control 

199 Summit Avenue, D1
Jersey City, NJ 07304
Tel:  (201) 547-4888
Fax:  (201) 656-9310

Paul Bellan-Boyer
Program Analyst, ACO/ACI


The Division of Animal Control  provides a variety of services related to the well-being of animals and residents who come in contact with them: 

  • Picking up stray or abandoned animals
  • Issuing dog licenses
  • Responding to animal nuisance/cruelty complaints
  • Picking up and disposing of dead animals

For after hours complaints or calls, please contact the Jersey City Police dispatcher at (201) 547-5477 to page Animal Control.

Pet Partnership Days Are BACK! Save on the Fee and Tag Fido for Three! 2015 Dog Licensing Schedule Provides Options For The Frugal-Minded (And Busy) Pet Owner

The Division of Animal Control's 2015 Dog Licensing Flyer & Forms are now available in both English and Spanish. The licensing fee options allow owners to purchase either the traditional one-year license or the popular three-year license, which comes at a discount.
Download Flyer & Forms In Spanish & English

Check out our Wildlife in Jersey City Brochure

Lost Pet Page

Found a dog or cat? Check our Lost Pet Alert page here. If the page is empty, no one has been reported missing and we can assume that all is well with the world!

Uh-Oh. I Don't Believe She ATE THAT? 

It's happened to every pet owner. You come home from work or Would A Dog Like Me Eat Something Like That? You Bet I Would!wake up from a nap to find the fridge standing open and a shredded container of something or other sheepishly hidden in a corner or tucked away in the back of Fido's crate and your pup looking peaked. Will it poison Miss Kitty? Was Peeps the parakeet in on the act? What will raisins do to him?

Don't panic. Here's a  link and a number that will give you info FAST! NJ Poison Control for Pets - 1-800-222-1222. And remember to lock the fridge next time you go out.

Online Help Center Service Requests
Report animal cruelty 
Report constantly barking dogs
Report a dead animal
Report a stray or abandoned animal 
Get one or three year dog license information

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