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A Boulevard and Complete Street
for Route 440 and Routes 1&9T in Jersey City

The Route 440/Routes 1&9T Multi-Use Urban Boulevard and Through Truck Diversion Concept Development Study identifies a locally preferred alternative (LPA) for Route 440 Route 440 Graphic Verticaland Routes 1&9T that resolves current traffic congestion, and transforms the highway into a boulevard and complete street in the middle section, and into a complete street at the north and south ends. The boulevard and complete street will serve as the main street of the Western Waterfront, provide an attractive and vibrant public realm in support of new buildings that abut and face it, and interconnect a series of existing and new parks along the corridor with safe and attractive bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The boulevard and complete street will also accommodate the vehicular travel demands in the short, medium and long term that will be placed upon it by local and regional growth.

The study also finds that the anticipated growth in heavy through trucks (heavy trucks with neither an origin nor destination within the Western Waterfront) will be partially offset by a number of transportation infrastructure projects that are already in the works elsewhere in the region that will divert some through trucks away from the Western Waterfront. Additionally, the study identifies four potentially preferred through truck diversion alternatives that would further reduce the number of heavy through trucks within the Western Waterfront.

000 - Executive Summary
001 - Cover
002 - Acknowledgements
003 - Table of Contents
004 - Abstract
005 - Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need
006 - Chapter 2 - Agency-Stakeholder-Public Outreach
007 - Chapter 3 - Existing Conditions
008 - Chapter 4 - Constraints-Resources-Design Considerations
009 - Chapter 5 - Model Development and Forecasting
010 - Chapter 6 - Development of Concept Alternatives
011 - Chapter 7 - Alternatives Assessment
012 - Chapter 8 - Locally Preferred Alternative
013 - Chapter 9 - Traffic Operations and Phased Implementation
014 - Chapter 10 - Urban Design Guidelines
015 - Chapter 11 - Economic Feasibility
016 - Chapter 12 - Preliminary NEPA Process Integration
017 - Chapter 13 - Conclusions-Recommendations-Next Steps 

Appendix 1-1 NJDOT Management System Data
Appendix 2-1 SWG Invitees
Appendix 2-2 PIC Mailing List
Appendix 3-1 Traffic Count Data
Appendix 3-2 NJCU Traffic Count Data
Appendix 3-3 BLRA 2006 Traffic Count Data
Appendix 3-4 Bayfront Traffic Count Data
Appendix 3-5 PANYNJ Traffic Count Data 
Appendix 3-6 Vehicle O-D Survey
Appendix 3-7 Aerial Base Map and Property Lines
Appendix 4-1 Environmental Constraints
Appendix 4-2 Major Subsurface Utilities
Appendix 4-3 Soil Boring Logs
Appendix 4-4 Cultural Resources
Appendix 5-1 TIP and Capital program Projects
Appendix 6-1 23CFR658
Appendix 6-2 NJAC 16-32
Appendix 8-1 Boulevard LPA
Appendix 8-2 LPA Plan and Profile (Scroll)
Appendix 8-3 Corridor Gateways
Appendix 9-1 2020 Interim Plan
Appendix 9-2 2020 Interim Plan (Scroll)
Appendix 10-1 Urban Design Principles and Guidelines
Appendix 11-1 and 2 Economic Benefits Modeling

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