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Parking Tickets and Moving Violations  Description
The Violations Bureau handles all information relating to parking tickets and moving violations. 

The Violations Bureau is located at:

Lewis S. McRae Justice Complex
365 Summit Avenue
Jersey City, NJ  07306.
Telephone #: 201-209-6700


Paying Parking Tickets and Moving Violations 

All parking tickets and moving violations may be paid in-person, by mail, or online as long as the ticket has not been marked “Court Appearance Required."

Tickets may be paid in-person at the Violations Bureau or by mailing a check or money order to the Violations Bureau.

The amount due is noted on the front or back of the ticket or court notice. 

Write the ticket number on your check or money order and keep your cancelled check or carbon copy of the money order when paying by mail, since this will be your proof of payment. 

A receipt will not be mailed to you.

Tickets may be also paid online at NJMCdirect.

Parking Tickets-Missed Court Dates or Payment Dates 

When a court date or payment date is missed, a notice will be mailed to you at the address on file with the division of motor vehicles in the state where the vehicle is registered.

Each new notice will advise you of the new payment date and will increase the original fine by not less than $10.00.  The notices will continue until the fine is paid or your license is suspended.

Defective Parking Meters 

 If you wish to contest a parking ticket issued to you and your defense to the ticket is that the parking meter was “defective” please follow the instructions below:

  • Retain the ticket you received and await further instruction from the court.
  • Completely fill out the Request for Inspection of Parking Meter by Parking Authority form.
  • Return the completed form to the Jersey City Municipal Court, 365 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey  07306, Attention:  Correspondence Unit, or FAX the form to 201-459-0951 or 201-459-1338.
  • The Parking Authority will check the meter in question and furnish the court with a written inspection report.
  • Upon receipt of the written inspection report from the Parking Authority, you will be notified.  If the report indicates the meter was not defective, you may plead guilty and pay the fine.  However, should you still wish to contest the issuance of the ticket (plead NOT GUILTY), then the matter will be listed for trial and you will be notified of the trial date.
  • If the report from the Parking Authority confirms that the parking meter was defective, then the ticket will be forwarded to the Chief Judge of the court and the ticket will be dismissed.

Download the Request for Inspection of Parking Meter by Parking Authority form.


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