Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall

Plan Overview
The City of Jersey City has implemented a Pedestrian Mall on Newark Avenue between Grove Street and Erie Street. The ordinance and operating plan are available below, as well as other supporting information.

Pedestrian Mall Ordinance (Final adoption 7-15-15)

Pedestrian Mall Operating Plan (last updated 7-28-15)

Research and Findings

Pedestrian Mall Map

Implementation Updates
We are working on the next level design of the Pedestrian Mall that will include more permanent green infrastructure (tree pits and bioswales) as well as improved entrances and seating.

We expect some improvements to be completed during the month of April 2016 that include:

*repainting the street
*installing swing gates at each end
*installing tree pits
*returning planters and tables to the street

The location of tree pits/bioswales is still a work in progress. A rough rendering of the vision for the space can be found below. Please note this does not represent any final plans or designs and is still subject to change.

Pedestrian Mall Draft Rendering Looking West  *(need photo)

The City is meeting with local downtown community groups to solicit feedback on this new plan but also to ensure we are aligned with the needs and wishes of the community. Reach out to your local community groups for more information. Or reach out to Brian Platt ( if you have any questions.

Prior Implementation Updates
Updates from the summer of 2015 can be found below.

Month of August/September:
*New more visually appealing entrance barriers installed
*Improved signage
*Additional tables and umbrellas added

Month of July:
*Decorative string lights hung across the street
*Creative Arts students with the Jersey City Summer Works painted murals on the planters
*Bollards installed at both ends of the Mall
*Parking meters and street signs removed
*New rules signs installed at both ends
*Ordinance is approved by the Jersey City Municipal Council

Month of June:
*Planters placed and filled with new plants
*Hanging planters installed on light posts
*Street painted green
*Bike racks installed at both ends of the Mall
*Tables with umbrellas placed temporarily throughout the Mall
*Loading zones painted inside and outside Mall
*Traffic lights synchronized
*Fire hydrants re-painted
*First reading of Ordinance (June 24)
*Planning Board Section 31 review (June 23)

Additional References
The following ordinances also pertain to activity in and around the Pedestrian Mall:

Sidewalk Cafes (Chapter 296 Article XII)
Noise (Chapter 222)
Entertainment Licenses (Chapter 157)
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