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Annisia Cialone, Director

The Division of City Planning maintains a staff of licensed professional planners and trained experts who are responsible for comprehensively planning the rational development of land in the City, including but not limited to:

  • Responsible for administering and providing staff support to the Planning Board (PB), Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZB) and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)
  • Processes, reviews and comments on development applications to the PB, ZB and HPC
  • Evaluates Master Plan and Land Development Ordinance
  • Prepares Redevelopment Needs Analysis and Redevelopment Plans
  • Solicits community input for development and transportation plans
  • Provides information to the public and to regional planning agencies
  • Maintains city census data profile and GIS
  • Provides information on Flood Zones and FEMA designation letters
  • Prepares transportation plans (pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, rail)
  • Prepares applications for funding for planning studies and transportation projects
  • Solicits and oversees planning consultants
Jersey City Resiliency Master Plan Community Meeting

Come hear about the City’s efforts to become more resilient at a public meeting on March 23rd. Click here for more information, and share your feedback by taking this survey.

MP Meeting Image

General Development Application
For all Development requiring review and approval by the Jersey City Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment, a General Development Application must be submitted to the Division of City Planning. Download Full Application here. Download Application Form to Fill Out On Your Computer Here

Zoning and Redevelopment Area Map
View Zoning Map here. View Redevelopment Plans here.

Land Development Ordinance
View the Zoning Code here.

Redevelopment Plans
View Redevelopment Plans here.

Ward Map and Other Maps
View the Ward Map here. View other maps here.

Jersey City Master Plan

Our current Master Plan was adopted in 2001 along with subsequent amendments. Now is the time for a comprehensive update. In fall 2016 the City Planning Division kicked off the new Master Planning process with three public meetings and an online survey. We invited all interested community members and leaders to join us at the public meetings for an initial overview of the Master Planning Process and to begin exploring ideas that will guide this endeavor. Click here for more information.

1 - Jersey City Master Plan 2000 Vol. 1 of 2
2 - Jersey City Master Plan 2000 Vol. 2 of 2
3 - Master Plan Land Use Map
4 - Park & Circulation Amendments
5 - Cator Avenue Map Amendment
6 - MWORD Overlay Re-Examination Report 12-27-2004
7 - Reexamination Report 12-02-2005
8 - Master Plan Amendment Historic 12-20-2005
9 - R-1 A Master Plan Re-examination Report 11-13-2006
10 - R-1A Amendments to the Jersey City Master Plan
11 - R-1F Master Plan Re-examination Report 07-31-2007
12 - R-1F Amendments to the Jersey City Master Plan 07-31-2007
13 - Jersey City Recreation Master Plan
14 - Stormwater Management Plan Master Plan Amendment - To review a copy of this Element,
contact the Division of City Planning or the JCMUA.

15 Master Plan Circulation Element

Circulation Element: Cover
Circulation Element: Part 1
Circulation Element: Part 2
Circulation Element: Part 3.1 - 3.2
Circulation Element: Part 3.3 - 3.4
Circulation Element: Part 4.1 - 4.3
Circulation Element: Part 4.4
Circulation Element: Part 4.5 - 4.6
Circulation Element: Part 4.7 - 5.2
Appendices: Part 1
Appendices: Part 2
Appendices: Part 3
Appendices: Part 4
Appendices: Part 5
16 -Reexamination Report 02-11-2011
17 -Master Plan Amendment Landmark List 02-15-2011
18 - Historic Preservation Plan Element Amendment 03-10-2015
19 - Land Use Plan Element Amendment 04-07-2015

Report Concerning the Determination Of The City Hall Study Area

As A “Non-Condemnation Area in Need of Redevelopment”
City Hall Non-Condemnation Redevelopment Study Area Report

Sandy Recovery Strategic Planning Report

Jersey City Strategic Recovery Planning Report

Formula Business Regulation Proposed Changes
View the proposed changes to the regulations here.

West Bergen-East Lincoln Park Historic District Information
View the nomination report here.

Coastal Flooding Solutions Information & Public Comment

View The Coastal Flooding Solutions Page here.

Community Assets & Flood Map
For more information on Jersey City's diverse community assets as well as the flood maps for all parts of the city see Jersey City Characteristics – RC 100 Application.

Jersey City is a Leader When it Comes to Moving Beyond The Automobile!
This short documentary by Streetfilms.org highlights the livability of Transit-Oriented Developments. Focusing on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system and its positive impacts on the growth of walk-able, sustainable neighborhoods in Jersey City and Hudson County, it features Jersey City’s Planning Director, Bob Cotter.

Regional Waterfront Access and Downtown Circulation Study
This study is intended to:

  • Identify specific deficiencies in the transportation network
  • Identify opportunities for mobility improvements
  • Make recommendations for specific projects that will facilitate access to downtown
    Jersey City - Review the study.
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