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Citywide Alert SystemThe City has selected the SwiftReach Swift911 platform for citywide emergency and non-emergency alerts.  Swift911 is used by over 1500 organizations nationwide in both the public and private sectors and allows for alerts to be sent through a variety of channels including voice, text message, email, fax, pager, and social media such as facebook and Twitter.

Registration is free and all alerts will be clearly identified as originating from the City.  Please take a few minutes to register so that you and your family can be kept up to date during times of emergency.  Once you've registered, you can also sign in and update your messaging preferences.  

For help with registration, please refer to the "How to Register for Swift911" document, available here.  You may also access the Swift911 online help after clicking "Register Now!"

If you any have questions about registration, please call the Resident Response Center at 201-547-4900.


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