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The Jersey City Dept. of Health & Human
Services Leads a Healthy Nutrition Supermarket Tour! 

Evette Gaetan of the JC Dept. of Health & Human Services Delivers
an Overview of Healthy Food Choices to Tour Group Members
(left to right, front row) Marjorie Dubres-Alexandre, Karen Onysko,
Tony Bachan & his son Robert, in the stroller. In the back rown are
(left to right) Mory Thomas of The Washington Park Association
and Mayor Steven M. Fulop.
Evette Points Out That 100% Fruit Juice Is Always The Better 
Choice. Shoppers Need To Read Nutrition Labels Carefully.
2014 08 04 Healthy Supermarket Tour
Team Nutrition included, from left to right, Gillian Sarjeant-Allen, Admin.
Analyst, H.H.S.; Mory Thomas, Founding Member Of The Washington
Park Association; Stacy Flanagan, Dir. of H.H.S.; Evette Gaetan,
Coordinator For Community Gardens And Deborah Murray,
WIC Director!

Tour Members Were Each Given A $10 Gift Certificate, Which
They Used For Nutritious Store Purchases, As Well As Gift Bags,
Courtesy Of The WIC Program.


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