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Dig It! As New Plots Open Up,
The Growing Together "Adopt-A-Lot"
Community Gardening Program Wants You!

If you’re looking for a productive way to spend your free time and do something to improve your local neighborhood, why not consider starting an Adopt-a-Lot garden? The City is looking for community minded individuals who dig the idea of Urban Gardening to adopt unused City-owned lots in every part of Jersey City. The City issues two-year Adopt-a-Lot leases for $1, and you get to turn an eyesore and blight on the neighborhood into a beautiful and bountiful pocket of urban green!

The Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services, which administers Adopt-a-Lot gardens, will provide assistance to aspiring community gardeners with material resources and educational support. Community gardening is not new to Jersey City. At least a dozen well-established community gardens have thrived in Jersey City for years, maintained by hundreds of volunteer residents.

The Down and Dirty Details on How to Adopt a Lot 

  • Only City-owned lots may be adopted. To check if a vacant lot in your neighborhood is City-owned, contact the Adopt-a-Lot Coordinator at (201) 547-5031.
  •  If the lot you’d like to Adopt qualifies for an Adopt-a-Lot License, a written request, with completed application, should be submitted to the Adopt-a-Lot Coordinator. See Forms below for details!
  •  Approved applicants will be sent four (4) original License Agreements to be completed and returned to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).
  •  Properly completed License Agreements will be forwarded to the Business Administrator (BA) to be executed. The License shall be valid for 2 years from the day License is executed by the BA.
  •  After receiving the Tenant copy of the executed License, the applicant must notify HHS and together a representative of the applicant and HHS will inspect the site to locate and mitigate any hazardous conditions. If a dangerous condition exists that cannot be remedied at  reasonable cost to the City, the License may be revoked.
  •  License-holders will be required to abide by the rules and regulations listed in the License. This includes attending an educational workshop, registering your garden online, and providing a minimum of 20 weekly(?) hours of public access.
  •  For other questions regarding the program, please contact the Department of Health & Human Services Adopt-a-Lot Coordinator at (201) 547-5031, or the main HHS telephone line at (201) 547-6800.

Download Adopt-A-Lot Forms Needed To Get Started Tools OF The Trade For Urban Gardeners.

 Adopt-A-Lot Fact Sheet 
 Adopt-A-Lot Application 
• Adopt-A-Lot Ordinance 

NOTE: All Adopt-A-Lot Licenses will be issued after the application for a lot for a community garden is approved.

Read about Jersey City's first master gardener and seeds man, the legendary Peter Henderson, original landscaper of Van Vorst Park.


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